Name                                      :     Fazlur Rahman Khan Farque

Father’s Name                       :     Late Abdul Halim Khan

Mother’s Name                      :     Late Eakutunnesa Khanam

Spouse                                    :     Mrs. Suraiya Begum


(Permanent & Present)         :     Prince Road, Thana Para

                                                      Post, Thana, Upazila and District: Tangail

Religion                                  :     Islam (Sunni)

Date of Birth                          :     12/10/1944

Educational Qualifications   :     MA (Sociology), Dhaka University

Marital Status                        :     Married

      (Father of a son and a daughter)


Political Activities:

1. 1960                    :   I entered into politics as a member of Chhatra League.

2. 1962                    :   I formed Tangail Mahakuma (subdivision) Chhatra League and was elected General Secretary by its council.

3. 1964                    :   I participated in the anti-convocation movement of Dhaka University and later received imprisonment. I was expelled from Karotia Sa’dat College for the same reason in the same year.

4. 1965                    :   I was elected Assistant General Secretary of the then East Pakistan Chhatra League Central Committee.

5. 1966                    :   I participated in the historical Six Point Movement and received imprisonment.

6. 1967                    :   I was elected the President of Fazlul Huq Hall Student League at the Dhaka University.

7. 1968                    :   I became a member of All Party Student Action Committee to fix the course of actions for the Eleven Point Movement.

8. 1969                    :   I actively participated in the Mass Uprising and once again received imprisonment.

9. 1970                    :   I took leadership to form Awami League party units in 107 unions in Tangail under the directives of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

10. 1971                  :   I dedicated myself to organize the students and the youths of my own constituency Mirzapur, just after the declaration of independence by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on the 26th of March. On April 3, I also led a group of the freedom fighters and put up a strong armed resistance in the Goran-Satiachora area while the Pakistan Army was entering the district.

11. 1971                  :   On April 18, I crossed the border and entered the Indian state of Meghalaya through the hill slops. Later, I worked as a Political Motivator at the Freedom Fighters’ Training Centre in the Sector 11 at Tura, Meghalaya.

                                    Then, after the formation of Mujib Bahini, I became the chief of its district unit.

12. 1971                  :   After leaving the country, the then Pakistan Government gave me 14 years rigorous imprisonment in month of July-August in my absence and cancelled my membership of provincial assembly.

13. 1971                  :   After achieving the great victory on December 16, I returned to independent Bangladesh and dedicated myself to form a new country under the directives of Bangabandhu.

14. 1972                  :   In this year, I was elected a member to the Constituent Assembly and contributed to draw up a new constitution for a new state.

15. 1973                  :   I was elected to the First Parliament member of independent Bangladesh on my party’s ticket.

16. 1974                  :   Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman formed the Bangladesh Krishak Sramik Awami League (BAKSAL) for the sake of our national developments and I was nominated the Joint Secretary of the Tangail district BAKSAL committee.

17. 1975                  :   After the brutal killing of Bangabandhu and his family members, I participated in various political activities against the killers.

18. 1984                  :   I was elected the General Secretary of Tangail Awami League by its council and I am still carrying on the same responsibility till today.

19. 1986 & 1991    :   I stood as a candidate in the general election.

                                    From 1975 to 1996, I organized and took part in various political activities against the dictators Ziaur Rahman, Husain Muhammad Ershad and Khaleda Zia.

                                    In 2001, after the defeat of my party Awami League in the general election, BNP-Jamat alliance initiated a great oppression against us. I did my best to unify the leaders and activists of my party against the oppressive alliance and tried to stand beside the oppressed.

                                    After the so-called 1/11 revolution, the military-backed government sent my leader Sheikh Hasina into jail. During that time I tried to build up public opinion against this injustice.

                                    After the withdrawal of a ban on indoor politics I delivered my speech in a party meeting saying that Awami League would not participate in the general election without the release of its leader Sheikh Hasina.

20. 2011 (17-29 Sep)  :   I visited the United Nations as a member of Prime Minister visiting team in the UNOs General Session.

21. 2011                  :   From 20 December I have become the administrator of Tangail District Council.

Social Activities:

  1. 1.I worked as the Tangail Correspondence of the Daily Ittefaq from 1962 to 1965.
  2. 2.During this period of time I took charge of the Tangail subdivision press club along with the General Secretary of the Tangail Subdivision Mofussil Reporters’ Association.
  3. 3.Being a life-long member of the then Tangail Red Cross, I worked as its General Secretary from 1972 to 1975.
  4. 4.I am a life-long member of the century-old Coronation Dramatic Club (CDC), Tangail Club, Tangail Public Library, District Shilpokala Academy and Tangail Heart Foundation.
  5. 5.I am the founding chairman of Mirzapur Pilot Girls’ High School.
  6. 6.I am one of the founders of Mirzapur Degree College.
  7. 7.I am the founder of 26 primary schools in Mirzapur including Gorai High School, Mirzapur; Dewhata High School; Kuripara High School, Rajbari High School; Tangail Pre-cadet School; Mirzapur Fulkuri School; Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib Women’s College.
  8. 8.During my tenure as the president of the Central Cooperative Society Limited (BRDB), I managed to sink 177 deep tube-wells.
  9. 9.I worked as the president of the District Cricket Sub-committee from 1977 to 2001.
  10. 10.I was a member of the Tangail District Education Committee at about 25 years.
  11. 11.I am working as the elected president of the Tangail District Football Association from 2008 to till now.


Foreign Visits:

  1. i)India
  2. ii)The United States of America
  3. iii)South Africa
  4. iv)Thailand
  5. v)South Korea
  6. vi)China and
  7. vii)Japan



1. Keno Songram Kori (Why I Fight)




(Fazlur Rahman Khan Faruq)

General Secretary

District Awami League, Tangail.

Courtesy: Chief Executive Officer ( Deputy Secretary to the Govt.), Zilla Parishad, Tangail.
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