Zilla parishad or District Councils of Bangladesh

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District Council or Zilla parishad, or zilla parishad is a local government body at the district level in Bangladesh.[1] The Bengali word parishad means council and zila parishad translates to district council.


1 History

2 Constitution

3 Administrative structure

4 Functions

5 Sources of Income

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District Council or Zila parishad was constituted with official members and nominated members.[clarification needed] Half of the members of District Council were elected by the Chairman of Union Parishad and town Committees in the district and the government appointed the remaining half.[2]


The Constitution of Bangladesh states that local government bodies will consist of elected representatives[3] but this has rarely been the case in history.[2]

Administrative structure[edit]

In Past, The Deputy commissioner (popularly abbreviated to "DC") of the District became the ex officio chairman of the District council.[4] He is appointed by the government from a Deputy secretary of B.C.S. Administration Cadre. He is also called District magistrate. Bangaldesh Government appointed 'Administrator' in 61 Zilla Parishad from 15 December 2011.  One Deputy Secretary to the Government is working as Chief Exicutive Officer (deputation from BCS administration cadre ) in Zilla Parishad


The functions of the District Council include construction and maintenance of roads, and bridges, building hospitals and dispensaries, schools and educational institutions, health facilities and sanitation, tube wells for drinking water, rest houses, and coordination of activities of the Union Parishads within the District.

Sources of Income[edit]

In addition to a grant from the government, District Councils are empowered to have a fund based on taxes, rates, fees, tolls, cess, etc.



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Courtesy: Chief Executive Officer ( Deputy Secretary to the Govt.), Zilla Parishad, Tangail.
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